Head lice treatment - Hedrin new revolutionary formula

Hedrin FAQs

What's special about Hedrin?

Instead of using an insecticide to poison the head lice Hedrin products kill them physically.

Is Hedrin suitable to use on the whole family?

All products in the Hedrin range may be used in pregnancy* and on children as young as six months. Hedrin products do not contain any solvents that can cause problems in asthma sufferers.

* Always talk to your doctor or pharmacist before taking any medicines in pregnancy

Can Hedrin be used on coloured or bleached hair?

Hedrin 4% Lotion and Hedrin Once: Yes. Dimeticone (the active ingredient) and Cyclomethicone (the carrier in Hedrin 4% lotion) are used in a lot of shampoos and conditioners, so these products can be used on coloured or bleached hair. However it is not advisable to use Hedrin 4% Lotion or Hedrin Once directly before colouring or bleaching because it may prevent the colour taking to the hair. Hedrin Treat & Go is water based and can be used both before and after colouring.

Does Hedrin have a nasty odour?

No. Hedrin 4% lotion is a completely odourless, colourless silky lotion which spreads easily, making it simple to apply. Hedrin Once contains penetrol which gives it a faint pleasant perfume. Hedrin Treat & Go contains no added fragrance.

What about lice eggs?

Hedrin Once has been clinically proven to kill lice and eggs in one go. If you are using Hedrin 4% Lotion or Treat & Go, in order to ensure that the lice are effectively eradicated, a second dose lotion should be applied seven days after the first treatment to deal with any eggs which may have hatched since the first application. The 'nits' (empty egg cases) are glued to the hair but are completely harmless. They can be removed with the fingers or a fine toothed comb.

Do I have to comb the lice out?

Once the lice are killed they should wash or easily comb out of the hair - there is no need for a laborious combing regime. The empty egg cases or nits are glued to the hair shaft and can be removed with the fingers or a fine toothed comb if desired.

Won't the head lice become resistant?

No. Because of the way Hedrin products work (by killing lice physically rather than by poisoning) lice cannot develop resistance to them — and they can still kill insecticide-resistant lice.

How often can I repeat the treatment?

If reinfestation occurs within a short period then Hedrin products may be used again straight away.

How should Hedrin be used?

See our section on Application

How much will I need?

A little Hedrin goes a long way. The amount needed depends entirely upon the length of hair to be treated. A 50ml bottle should be sufficient for a two-dose treatment of short hair. Longer hair or multiple treatments will require a larger bottle.

Where can I buy Hedrin?

Hedrin Once Spray Gel, Hedrin Treat & Go and Hedrin Protect & Go are available from pharmacies nationwide.

Is there a way to protect against head lice?

There are various home remedies that people claim can repel head lice and help prevent infection, but evidence to support how effective they are is very limited. Hedrin Protect and Go is a conditioning spray (containing Activdiol 1%) clinically proven to help protect against head lice.


Hedrin Once contains 4% dimeticone
Hedrin Treat & Go contains 5% Activdiol
Hedrin Protect & Go contains 1% Activdiol


Always read the label