Head lice treatment - Hedrin new revolutionary formula

How Hedrin Works

Recent experiments carried out at the Medical Entomology Centre showed how Hedrin kills lice.

Hedrin's active ingredient, 4% dimeticone, penetrates the lice spiracles and into the trachea (tiny passages for air and water vapour). It also coats the lice, causing them to become permanently immobile.

Blocking the spiracles stops the lice getting rid of excess water - which can cause their guts to rupture if they have fed recently.

Even if the lice don't rupture their guts, Hedrin makes them immobile, causing them to starve to death.

Full report on BioMed Central

Hedrin can't cause resistance

Because Hedrin kills lice without insecticides, you can use it as often as you like without any danger of the lice becoming resistant. And Hedrin does not contain any solvents that might
cause problems with asthma sufferers.

Hedrin really works on real children

A clinical trial conducted on 36 children in Turkey in April and May 2008 demonstrated that Hedrin has 97% effectiveness.¹

To minimize the opportunites for re-infestation the trial was conducted in an isolated community.


Hedrin Once contains 4% dimeticone
Hedrin Treat & Go contains 5% Activdiol
Hedrin Protect & Go contains 1% Activdiol


Always read the label
1. Kurt et al (2009) Treatment of head lice with dimeticone 4% lotion. Comparison of two formulations in a randomised controlled trial in rural Turkey. BMC Public health 2009 9:441