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4% Dimeticone - effectiveness without restrictions

Hedrin is a novel and highly effective method of eradicating head lice which offers considerable benefits to clinicians and their patients. It is now available both as a licensed medicine and a medical device, both employing the full benefits of 4% dimeticone.

Clinical trials have demonstrated 4% dimeticone's superiority to 0.5% malathion¹ and its effectiveness in large scale tests in-vivo².

A recent experiment by Ian Burgess, Director of the Medical Entymology Centre has also demonstrated that Hedrin's mode of action is entirely a physical process³. Hedrin cannot therefore trigger resistance and can be used as often as required with no complex rotation policies.

Hedrin clinical trials

Efficacy of 4% dimeticone

Superiority to 0.5% malathion

Mode of action demonstration
Report and video

4% dimeticone treatment Trial
BMC Research Article

Hedrin Once contains 4% dimeticone
Hedrin Treat & Go contains 5% Activdiol
Hedrin Protect & Go contains 1% Activdiol


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1. Randomised, Controlled, Assessor Blind Trial Comparing 4% Dimeticone Lotion with 0.5% Malathion Liquid for Head Louse Infestation,
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2. Kurt et al (2009) Treatment of head lice with dimeticone 4% lotion. Comparison of two formulations in a randomised controlled trial in rural Turkey. BMC Public health 2009 9:441
3. The Mode of Action of dimeticone 4% lotion against head lice
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